If you'd like to help...

If you'd like to help...
Every dollar helps. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fundraising Mini-rant

Sorry I've been quiet for so long, but I've been busy!  In a few weeks I'm having a karaoke fundraiser in my home area.  We're going to raffle off a bunch of cool things (A few of them knit by me!) and sing our hearts out.  My mom's going to be there, so you can bet we're doing a duet!  Hopefully our tip jar will be overflowing! 

There's an online fundraiser being held by an old friend who sells cosmetics and other natural home products by Ava Anderson.  She's going to donate a percentage of her September sales to my treatment fund!  Excellent!

I've been thinking. This is the treatment that I have to leave the country for, has been used for patents with blood and bone cancers for years. Yeah, we could do it here no problem if I had cancer. It would be covered by insurance too! At least I know, that after I have it, there are plenty of doctors who are familiar with the recovery protocol. In the meantime I'll use my frustration to raise the $65K I need to get this done. ARGH!!

I'm just a bit scared by the enormous amount of money that I need to get this treatment.  I can't give up!  I want to feel alive again!  I'm sick of being prematurely geriatric!!!!!

Ok, rant over.  Back to knitting!  I'll post pics of our party/fundraiser. :)